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Ways to protect yourself before hiring a roofing contractor

You need to over protective always when it comes to your finances and home. There are several roofing contractors who are willing to bend the existing rules to simplify everything for themselves but can create a problem for your roof and you. Even good contractors can make mistakes. This is the key reason that you need to know the right process to select the roofing expertsfor you:

Workers compensations

 You can hire a roofing contractor in Norman to fix any leak on the roof. But one employee decides not to follow the right safety process and eventually falls and injures himself. In that case, the employee can hold you responsible to pay all of his medical expenses because he was injured in your home or property.

To avoid such issues, you need to have the roofer’s compensation insurance that can cover the roofing injuries. If the roofing company has the workers compensation, their injured employees are entitled to recover all the expenses for their hospital bills or being out of work. You need to make sure that the roofing company has workers compensation insurance so that you will be able to avoid paying the expenses yourself.

Liability insurance

The problem can occur if the contractor leaves your roof uncovered after removing all the shingles. There can be an unexpected storm in the night and water can seeps into the home. It can damage your sheetrock, furniture and carpet. If the roofing company has liability insurance but there is any exclusion preventing the coverage of the interior of your building. You need to pay extra money to fix all the damages yourself.

If any damage occurs to your home or your building due to the fault of your roofing company, you need to be sure that they have good liability insurance. It may cover almost everything from the broken windows to damaged interiors. Some contractors have such insurance but their insurance company comes up with different exclusion which is more like no coverage. Look for the liability coverage that does not exclude the water damage resulting from the issue of leaving the roof open.

Business license

This is common that you hire a new company for the task but you find a leakage a few months later. You should try to contact your roofing contractor in Normanbut cannot find any information on them. If they are not licenses, you will not find information on them and you will have to pay for any further repair. When you are hiring the contractor, check first that the company has a legal business license. If they don’t have any legal license, this is a sign that they don’t know what they are doing and they can disappear easily or go out of the business.

A general contractor can install a roof without a license or with a general contractor license but they can be a problem in future especially if they are hiring employees without proper training. This may cause problems for the homeowners so it better to hire the contractor with roofing license in addition to their general license.



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