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What Makes a Great Vacation Rental?

A great vacation rental is one that meets all the needs of anybody who is going on vacation. Or more specifically, it is one that meets all the accommodation needs of vacationers – and then some. 

Vacation rentals are not hotels, and neither are they really resorts.  That means there’s a certain element of self-sufficiency to a vacation rental. Vacationers want to feel like their living in a home when they are there, and that means the freedom that comes with doing things yourself. There will certainly be no maids making the beds or cooks having breakfast ready every morning for you!

That said, REMAX Hot Springs Village Rentals, a firm offering Hot Springs Village homes for sale, say that the resort experience can be integrated into it, just not to the extent of 24-hour service. It is freedom mixed with luxury. The freedom comes from being left largely alone; the luxury comes from all the great amenities provided. 

This information is of use to those who are renting a home for their vacation, and those who are buying one in order to rent it out to vacationers. For the former, it is what you ought not expect; for the latter, it is what you ought to provide. 

The Property 

We can split everything that make for a good vacation rental into the things about the property and the amenities you provide. Here follows the property features you really should expect from a great rental home:

Proximity to Attractions 

What those attractions are can vary a lot, though. Sometimes, for nature vacations, all the rental should be in proximity to is – nothing at all. In such cases, it is more about not being close to things like highways, urban centers, and the noise of the modern world.

For other types of holidays, the property should be close to what people go there for, whether that be the attractions of the city, proximity to the local village and its excellent restaurants, or the lake that is the centerpiece of the lakeside getaway. 

Warm (Or Cool) 

If the climate where you are going is at all inclement for sleeping either by being too hot or too cold, the vacation home should ensure that when you go to bed at night, you are comfortable as you can be, A drafty cabin might be very charming… until the sun goes down.

Clear Terms 

This is true of any property a person would rent. However, hassle over this type of thing is sure to add stress and a vacation is all about dispensing with that. Ensure that there is no squabbling over cleaning duties or check in times. Get everything clear before you move in. 


Amenities deserve their own special mention, because they are very often exactly that which separates a good vacation home from a great one – and from a bad one. 


Although the most relaxing holidays are the ones where you turn the electronic devices off, they are sadly frequently necessary for many reasons. Wi-fi is also essential for much nighttime entertainment – nobody brings along DVDs any more. 

Electrical Chargers and Adaptors 

For much the same reason as above, not having these at a vacation home is sure to inconvenience guests. 

A Good Bathroom and Shower 

Especially for nature getaways, this is essential for unwinding properly at the end of the day and adding relaxation to the physical exertion for which such vacations are known. 

This is a rough sketch of what is expected from a great vacation home. Whether you are renting one or providing one, it is essential knowledge.



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