Best RO Under 15000

Nowadays, water purifiers have grown an essential part of our everyday life. They come in an independent design that can improve the aesthetic of any home. It is difficult to drink direct water from the tap as it is either salty or comes from the bore well water or is slightly hard and murky with germs. Water purifiers clean this dirty water and turn it into something pure and fit to drink.

Various results have already lined up several products in the market. They come with many superior technologies to deliver filtered and clean water. Thus it is important to choose a water purifying model according to your preference and choice. To help you out in making this decision, we have put collectively a review of the best RO under 15000 INR.

  1. Aquaguard Marvel RO+Advanced Virus Filter+Active Copper+Mineral Guard Technology (8L) Water Purifier In India

Aquaguard Marvel is an exquisitely designed high efficient water purifier unit that comes with various advancements and additions to deliver premium place fresh and pure drinking water to its users. With 8 Liter of water storage space, this machine can easily store sufficient water in the tank for an emergency like a power cut.

The inclusion of a 7-stage purification method of this Aquaguard makes the model a bonus one for its users. I-Filter, Chemi-Block, Mineral Guard, Membrane life enhancer, RO cartridge, Advanced Virus filter, and Limited Active Copper technology are the decisive stages of this filtration unit. The outer metallic finish and golden look make the model an engaging one for the buyers to beautify the appearance of their kitchen.

The super-strong FTDS unit removes pesticides, TDS, and hardness effectively and also reduces all the toxic chemicals, bacteria, and viruses to present 100% safe drinking water for the users. The AFV (Advanced Virus Filter) is the latest increase in this model that creates a protective shield upon viral infections to keep your energy safe and fit.

This 27.5 (L) x 32 (W) x 41 (H) cm dimensioned Aquaguard Marvel unit can clean water from various causes like Public water supply, tap water, or water tank. The Active Copper technology helps to retain all the essential minerals to enhance the property. If you are suffering from low water demand in your area, then this water purifier can be an ideal answer for you.


  • Looks great in design
  • A durable and long-lasting product
  • Comes with a high storage capacity
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Light-weight and easy-to-use product


  • Splashes water every time
  1. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 6 Stage 10 liters Water Purifier in India

Drinking a healthy amount of pure and safe water is the usual vital matter in our life to stay strong and fit for long. Now HUL has introduced its latest Pureit Ultima water purifier unit that begins with a multi-stage filtration method and other advanced technologies to produce such pure drinking water to the users. There is also a Purity Indicator part of this device that can show the level of pureness of the purified water.

The water filter unit comes with a 10 Liter water area tank that is a huge and healthy one for home use. You can manage a sufficient amount of soaking water all-time at your home, even during a power-cut site. It is also a power-efficient model from HUL that consumes only 60 watts of electricity to deliver added quality filtered water to its users.

The digital image panel of this unit allows you to check water quality, the life of the germs-killing kit, and the liquid level. Just press a single soft button to distribute freshwater from the machine. With its 28 liters per hour water giving capacity, you can easily manage the water requirement of your guests at home.

Moreover, the forward 7-stage water filtration process of this HUL unit makes the model release highly purified quality water to its users. The TDS control facility of this machine can finely switch 2000ppm of water level to improve the taste of your drinking water. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology assures the removal of 100% harmful substances like mercury, lead, etc.


  • Huge water storage capacity
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Great in looks and design
  • The advanced water purification process
  • Digital indication system includes


  • High water wastage rate (650 ml for 1 liter)

3. KENT Grand Plus ZWW 9 LTR Mineral RO+UV+UF+TDS Control Water Purifier in India

If you are looking for a multi-stage water purifier to make your drinking water protected, fresh, and clear, then KENT Grand Plus ZWW can be the perfect choice for you. The water filter machine comes with the inclusion of multiple technologies and improvements to deliver premium standing drinking water to its users. With the 9 liters of water storage capacity, this model can produce a sufficient amount of water for your family all the time.

The multi-stage purification method of this KENT filter includes RO+UV+UF technology to deliver water out of any bacteria, germs, or pollutants in it. The Zero Water Wastage technology is the latest inclusion of this unit that can prevent many tuns of water wastage during the water purification process. The home water filter appliance comes with a simple upper cover that allows you to check the purification filters and inner part closely from the outside.

Besides, the TDS control system is also there in this model that can help you to experience tasty and fresh drinking water in your area with high TDS. The mineral RO technology is one of the highlighted parts of this unit that helps the organization to retain all the essential metals and natural nutrients in your water.

The UV disinfection LED Light in the water storage tank reinforces the purity of the water. It also keeps the water fresh and germs-free for a more extended duration. This Indian-originated water filter unit can release nearly 20 liter of purified water per hour that is more than enough to fulfill your massive water conditions.


  • Transparent upper body
  • Sufficient water storage tank
  • Eco-friendly unit
  • No water wastage
  • Low maintenance model


  • No pre-filter includes
  • Large body size

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