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Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Any real estate brokerage worth their salt will tell you that success in selling a property is all about timing. What is meant by timing however can vary quite a lot.

You could be advised to sell your home at a particular time of year when the market is stronger; you could be advised to hold off for a couple of months or years until the market improves. Furthermore, you could be looking at significantly more value if you hold out until the home appreciates on account of whatever market forces are prevalent at that particular time.

However, there’s another piece of timing-related advice that is also important. This is selling your home as quickly as possible. When you are advised to wait in the property world, it’s more much more likely to mean a wait before actually putting your home on the market as opposed to waiting around once it’s actually being listed. 

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is certainly the matter of convenience. When your home is on the market, you need to keep it in pristine condition for viewings, and you need to leave the home every time one is arranged.

Furthermore, it is much easier to secure the purchase of your next home if the sale of your previous one is secured. CityHome Collective, realtors out of Salt Lake City, recommend that you get your home on the market at the right time and then aim to sell it as quickly as possible. 

Achieving that is a matter of choosing your moment well, before following several market-established tips in order to sell your property as quickly as possible. 

Advantages of Selling Your Home Quickly 

As mentioned, selling your home quickly involves convenience, but then there could be the hassle of being unable to do so. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason and once your home is on the market, it is wise to shift it as soon as possible. 

For one thing, a home that has been on the market for a long time can begin to decrease in value. This is because a home that is having difficulty being sold raises suspicions among potential buyers that there might be something wrong with it. 

If a home isn’t selling quickly, it’s also unlikely that potential buyers will have that sense of urgency which can lead to a bidding war and a home going for the maximum price. All those viewing the home might simply conclude that they can take their time, which will in turn drive down competition. 

Tips or Selling Your Home Quickly 

With that in mind then, here follows some further tips:

Keep It Clean 

This can be a bit of onerous task, but make sure that your home is perfectly clean for every viewer. If you do it well, it becomes less onerous simply because a clean home sells faster!


In consultation with your real estate agent, you should do what you can to ensure your home has the broadest, most neutral, interior appeal. That means removing all personal objects and items which reflect a personal – and not general – taste. 

Consider Home Staging 

Home staging is when you make that extra effort to, well, make a show room of your home. If you have a problem with clutter and depersonalization and find that the home is very spare afterwards, this can only be a good thing anyway. 

Ultimately, it is in your interests to sell your home as quickly as possible. You will get a better deal and can move on to your next place faster.



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