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The Best Time of Year to Move: 5 Tips from a Professional Moving Company

When planning a move, it’s essential to consider the time of year you’ll be moving. Depending on your schedule and other factors, certain times of the year may be more favorable for your move. In this article, we’ll provide tips from a professional moving company to help you determine the best time of year to move.

  • Avoid Peak Moving Season

Peak moving season typically falls between May and September when schools are out, and the weather is warm. During this time, moving companies are in high demand, which can result in higher prices and limited availability. If possible, avoid relocating during this time to save money and ensure you can book the moving company you want. Instead, consider moving during the off-season when there’s less demand for moving services. That can help you save money and give you more flexibility in choosing a moving company.

Also, moving during off weekends can be an excellent way to save money and avoid peak moving seasons. Weekends are typically the busiest times for moving companies, so if you can move during the week or other off-peak seasons, you may secure better rates and more flexible scheduling options with reliable moving companies like Drop A Box Moving and Storage Company. That way, you can secure reasonable moving rates and avoid traffic and other challenges on busy weekends and peak seasons.

  • Think About Your Schedule

When considering the best time of year to move, it’s crucial to think about your schedule. That includes considering any major life events, work obligations, and personal commitments your move may impact. If you have children in school, it’s also essential to consider their school schedule when choosing the best time of year to move.

Moving during the school year can disrupt a child’s education, so it may be best to plan your move when school is out. By taking the time to carefully evaluate your schedule and choose a time that works best for you, you can help ensure a smoother, less stressful moving experience.

  • Be Flexible

One important tip when choosing the best time of year to move is to be flexible. While it’s important to consider your schedule and other factors, being open to different moving dates can help you take advantage of better pricing and availability. For example, if you can move during the week instead of on the weekend, you may be able to save money on moving services. 

Similarly, if you’re willing to move during the offseason, you may be able to secure better rates and more personalized service from your moving company. Flexibility and adaptability can help you navigate the moving process more smoothly and with less stress.

  • Consider the Weather and Transport Challenges

Another important consideration when choosing the best time of year to move is the weather and transportation challenges that you may face. For example, moving during the winter can be more difficult due to snow and ice, making it harder to load and unload your belongings safely. 

Similarly, moving during peak traffic times, such as rush hour, can make it harder to transport your belongings efficiently. By taking into account the weather patterns and traffic conditions in your area, you can choose a time to move that minimizes the risk of transportation challenges and ensures the safety of your belongings.

  • Consider your Budget

It’s essential to consider your budget when choosing the best time of year to move. Moving during peak seasons, such as summer or around holidays, can be more expensive due to the higher demand for moving services. If you’re on a tight budget, moving during the offseason may be more cost-effective when moving companies may offer lower rates to fill their schedules. 

Additionally, booking your moving services well in advance can help you secure lower rates and avoid last-minute price hikes. By carefully considering your budget, planning, and booking your mover in advance, you can choose a moving date that fits your financial needs and allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Choosing the best time of year to move involves careful consideration of your schedule, your children’s school schedule, weather patterns, transportation challenges, and your budget. Considering these factors and being flexible with moving dates can help ensure a smoother, less stressful relocation experience. Whether you move during the peak season or during the offseason, planning and booking your moving services well in advance is essential to avoid last-minute price hikes and ensure availability. With careful planning and preparation, you can succeed and start enjoying your new home.

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